We are proud to announce that so far Name Badges International have donated in excess of £110,000 to the #hellomynameis campaign!

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Name Badges International are the original and official supplier to the #hellomynameis campaign.

Unlike many other name badge websites out there, we donate to the #hellomynameis campaign for every #hellomynameis badge we sell read more...

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Where It All Started

Kate Granger was a compassionate doctor well known for her commitment to helping others in times of illness. Tragically, Kate was diagnosed with terminal cancer at the age of 29 and found herself coming face to face with the poignant reality of the limited socialisation between patient and care providers. She noticed that a lot of the staff taking care of her did not even introduce themselves before providing treatment. Kate couldn't help but feel that this was incredibly wrong and she strongly believed that a simple introduction would make a world of difference in comforting a patient who is already going through a tough time.

After sharing her frustrations with her husband Chris one evening, Kate was encouraged by him to "stop whinging and do something!" Inspired by his words, Kate made the decision to take matters into her own hands. She started thinking of ways to put a name to the friendly faces. This is where #hellomynameis began. Initially starting as a social media campaign, encouraging and reminding healthcare staff about the importance of introductions in healthcare, it soon evolved into something more. With the assistance of NameBadgesInternational, official #hellomynameis name badges were created, and very quickly, hospitals across the UK were proudly wearing them. Through these name badges, Kate's campaign started truly making a significant impact on patients in hospitals. Eventually #hellomynameis became a national campaign, winning the support of over 130 organisations and receiving over 1.5 billion Twitter impressions. Sadly, Kate lost her fight with Cancer in 2016 but her incredible campaign still lives on through her husband Chris who continues to run the charity and raise awareness. From the beginning of the campaign to Kate's passing, the charity managed to raise an impressive £250,000 for the Yorkshire Cancer Charity with this number only continuing to rise.

Name Badges International's Impact

Here at Name Badges International we have supported Kate's campaign every step of the way. With each #hellomynameis name badge sold through our website, a contribution is made to Kate’s charity. Through this we have made a remarkable donation of over £110,000, proudly standing as the largest donation by a supplier to this wonderful cause.

As the charity has expanded, so has Name Badges International's support. It began as a small initiative with just one design, but has developed into a much larger effort featuring a variety of designs all focused on helping to remove the introduction barrier that once existed.

We are incredibly proud to be an official supplier of #hellomynameis name badges. We wholeheartedly believe in the importance of Kate Granger's work, and we're committed to continually supporting and expanding the cause. When you choose these products, you're not just making a purchase; you're contributing to an important cause and are playing a part in helping to provide compassionate care to patients all across the country.